Female healthcare professional

The Importance of Diversity in Healthcare & How to Promote It

Understanding the Benefits of Diversity for the Healthcare Workforce and for Patients Diversity: It’s important in life, it’s important in culture, and it’s incredibly important in healthcare. So important, in fact, that lives literally depend on it. Think of the countless individuals who enter hospitals and clinics every day looking for help. They include people […]

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The Benefits of Online Nursing Education

Turning Time at Home Into a New Healthcare Career The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a lot of changes to the way we live our lives—not the least of which is the way we attend school, earn degrees, and begin new career paths. Colleges and universities across the country have had to adapt to the “new normal”, […]

Kourtnee Coleman-Arens

Stories of Hope: Kourtnee Coleman Arens

Serving Patients with Faith and Fearlessness During the COVID-19 Pandemic The problems surrounding COVID-19 have weighed heavily on our healthcare workers. It can be extremely difficult and frustrating for many of them. Every day, they must witness the harsh consequences of this pandemic, while many people around the world may still refuse to take the […]

Maegan Bonner

Stories of Hope: Maegan Bonner

Adjusting to a New Department in the Midst of a Global Pandemic COVID-19 has had an incredible ripple effect across the healthcare industry. While ICU’s and emergency rooms rocketed to a higher demand, other departments—like same day surgery—saw their numbers decline as many patients chose to delay elective surgeries. To counter this shift in demand, […]

Taylor Johnson

Stories of Hope: Taylor J

Helping patients get back on their feet from the neurological ICU While emergency rooms and ICUs across the country are preoccupied with COVID-19, medical staff are still treating other injuries and diseases. One such ward is the Neuro ICU, the intensive care unit focused on treating patients who suffer from severe brain injuries, stroke, brain […]

Skylar Gaillard

Stories Of Hope: Skylar Gaillard

Rehabilitating patients during a global pandemic Physical therapy is all about helping patients relearn movement. But during a global pandemic, movement is one of the many things under restriction. Gyms and other workout areas are closed, walking areas are heavily restricted, and even helping patients ambulate down a clinic hallway is off the table. Fortunately, […]