The 12 Highest Paid Nursing Jobs in 2019

The 12 Highest Paid Nursing Jobs in 2020

Discover the Highest Paid Nursing Specialties in 2020, and What Kind of Nurses Get Paid the Most Typically, when people decide to become a nurse they think of taking patients’ vitals in a clinic or conducting assessments in a hospital. As you go through nursing school, however, you begin to discover the wide range of […]

Learn how and why CNA’s are furthering their education to become registered nurses

CNA to RN: Taking the Next Step in Nursing

Learn how and why CNAs are furthering their education to become registered nurses. Many people aspire to become nurses. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or financial means to earn their associates or bachelor’s degree. As a result, some nurses choose to begin their careers as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA). Becoming a CNA is a […]

Woman with orthopedic problem exercising with ball while physiotherapist supporting her

How to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

What You Need to Know About the Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities of Physical Therapist Assistants Finding a job that not only pays the bills but also satisfies your personal ambitions can be difficult. It’s important that you love what you do, so that someday your job doesn’t feel much like a “job” at all. The […]

A Drone Could Be Your Next Co-Worker

A Drone Could Be Your Next Co-Worker

Robotic technology could soon change the working environment of hospitals in big, big ways. These include robots that follow doctors on rounds, robots that assist the elderly, and robots that literally lift and carry human patients so a nurse won’t risk injury while moving them. Many of these robots are still in the testing phase […]

The Advantages of a BSN Degree

The Advantages of a BSN Degree

Have you been looking into Registered Nurse programs, or even accelerated RN programs? Maybe you’re already an RN but you’d like to advance your career. RN to BSN programs generally provide an excellent foundation for leadership roles, greater salaries, and management positions. An article by Nurse Journal—a social community for nurses worldwide—delves into the many […]

Happy National Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week!

At hospitals around the world—and here at Provo College, of course—every week is Nurses Week. When you see firsthand how hard nurses work, how many lives they touch, and how selflessly they serve, it’s next to impossible not to be in awe of these heroes in scrubs. This week, however, the rest of the country […]