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How to Pass the RMA Certification Exam

10 Essential Test Prep Tips to Help You Pass the Registered Medical Assistant Exam… The First Time! Thousands of physicians around the world rely on Medical Assistants, whose job it is to organize their medical offices, organize patient records, and assist them in several of their day-to-day responsibilities. Without these vital workers, hospitals and medical […]

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How to Pass the CMA Certification Exam

10 Essential Test Prep Tips to Help You Pass the Certified Medical Assistant Exam… The First Time! Medical Assistants are a vital part of the healthcare world. Doctors and nurses could not treat patients nearly as well or efficiently without the hard work of their Medical Assisting staff. Thousands of physicians around the world rely […]

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The Best Medical Assistant Certification for Your Career

From price to preparation time, here are the advantages of some of the top Medical Assisting certification exams When beginning a career as a Medical Assistant, many graduates choose to become certified in the field. Although certification is optional, holding a Medical Assistant certificate can go a long way towards landing a job, negotiating better […]

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The Ultimate Career Guide for Aspiring Medical Assistants

How to Become a Medical Assistant: Duties, Responsibilities, Requirements, Certifications, and Salary Behind every successful hospital and medical practice is a team of healthcare workers who literally keep the lights on, and one of the most vital members of this team is the Medical Assistant. What Is a Medical Assistant? Tasked with everything from office […]

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NCLEX-RN Review & Study Guide

Essential Test Prep Tips to Help You Pass the NCLEX-RN Exam the First Time You’ve reached the end of your nursing program and are ready to graduate. Congratulations! But, before you can put on those scrubs and get to work, there’s one final challenge to overcome. No matter where you attend nursing school or for […]

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The Importance of Diversity in Healthcare & How to Promote It

Understanding the Benefits of Diversity for the Healthcare Workforce and for Patients Diversity: It’s important in life, it’s important in culture, and it’s incredibly important in healthcare. So important, in fact, that lives literally depend on it. Think of the countless individuals who enter hospitals and clinics every day looking for help. They include people […]