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Career Services at Provo College

At Provo College, we are committed to providing our graduates with career services assistance throughout their entire professional careers.

Provo College is dedicated to the success of each student and graduate. Our Career Services department provides students with information about the job market, specific companies, and resume and cover letter assistance.

Our team also conducts mock interviews to help graduates gain experience answering questions they will most likely be asked during an interview. Though Provo College cannot guarantee employment, our graduates have access to the necessary tools and resources to achieve their professional goals.

Employment Assistance

By partnering with our communities as well as our students and graduates in the employment process, many of our graduates realize their vocational goals within just a few months after graduation.

Many Provo College graduates have found work at the following organizations:

  • Central Utah Clinic
  • Intermountain Healthcare facilities
  • MountainStar Healthcare facilities
  • Seraphine Clinic
  • Dentrix
  • Central Utah Medical Clinic
  • Scenic View Center

Career Information

Our Career Services team has many resources available to help current and prospective students learn more about their chosen career path:

Alumni Support Services

As a graduate of Provo College, you can return to any accredited Unitek Learning campus and we will provide assistance with a new job search or help you hire new graduates for your organization. The Unitek Leaning family of colleges includes Unitek College, Eagle Gate College, Provo College and Brookline College.

Hire Provo Grads

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If you’re interested in hiring a Provo College graduate, visit our Employer Job Board and let us know about your current and future employment opportunities. This will allow us to match you with qualified, competent professionals who would like to contribute to the success of your company.