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The Great Resignation: Tackling the Nursing Shortage Crisis

Causes, Consequences, and Potential Solutions From ICUs to maternity wards and everywhere in between, registered nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system, with nearly 4.2 million registered nurses working nationwide. However, the need for nurses is rapidly outpacing the number of new nurses entering the workforce across the U.S. and throughout the world. Recent projections from […]

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Top 15 Gift Ideas for Nurses

Hand-Picked Gifts for Nurses & Nursing Students Nurses are some of the hardest-working people in the world, and they deserve to be recognized for it! Choosing a thoughtful gift for the nurse (or nursing student) in your life is a great way to show them you care about their career, goals, and challenges. From self-care […]

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Top 16 Self-Care Tips for Nurses

Many people consider a career in nursing to be one of the most fulfilling ways to earn a living—especially people who love to serve others. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of realizing your actions contribute directly to saving lives and helping patients get healthy. However, working as a nurse can also be highly stressful […]

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How to Become a School Physical Therapist Assistant

Educational Requirements, Certifications, Daily Responsibilities, and Salary Many children worldwide deal with disabilities or injuries that affect their ability to participate in school. Fortunately, there’s an entire field of physical therapy dedicated to helping these students stay engaged in the classroom. School physical therapist assistants work with children who may have physical or neurological limitations […]

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How to Become a Senior Care Physical Therapist Assistant

Educational Requirements, Certifications, Daily Responsibilities, and Salary For older adults living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, staying active is important to age with dignity. While the appropriate activity level is different for every individual and their health circumstances, movement is still an important part of all-around wellness at any age. Senior care physical […]

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25 Highest Paying Cities for Nurses in 2023

Discover Which Cities Pay Nurses the Highest Salaries in the United States There are several reasons why a career in nursing is such a wise choice for those who answer the call. In addition to having one of the most noble, satisfying, and reliable careers, nurses also enjoy having very “portable” careers. It’s not uncommon […]