Group of medical professionals in a hallway

How to Choose the Best Nursing School

Tips on Researching Nursing Programs and Finding the Best Fit For You The decision to attend nursing school is a big one. For many people, it provides a much-needed sense of purpose and a tangible goal to pursue. Once you’ve made the important choice to become a nurse, it’s only natural to daydream a bit […]

Physical therapy session with a patient using a band

20 Most Common Conditions Treated by Physical Therapist Assistants

Causes, Symptoms, and Physical Therapy Treatments Every year, millions of people need physical therapy to restore or maintain their strength, balance, and mobility. Whether they’re working to return to their job, their favorite sport or live their lives in comfort and independence, physical therapy patients rely heavily on physical therapist assistants (PTAs) throughout their rehabilitation. […]

Woman undergoing physical therapy

A Day in the Life of a Physical Therapist Assistant

Typical PTA Schedules, Duties, and Responsibilities Physical therapist assistants are the lifeblood of many physical therapy clinics. Almost everyone who attends physical therapy will work with a PTA—in some cases for much more time than they’ll spend with their physical therapist. Physical therapist assistants’ attention to detail and commitment to patient care is essential in […]

Blurry movement of nurses in the ER

The Role of Nurses in Disaster Response

How Nurses Prepare & What They Do During Disasters Whether they’re caused by nature, negligence, or malice, large-scale disasters wreak havoc on millions of people’s lives every year. Families are often displaced from their homes and belongings, and local businesses and infrastructure can be damaged beyond repair. Worst of all, many disasters cause widespread injuries […]

Nurse holding DEI blocks for diversity

Closing the Gap: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding & Advancing Equity in Healthcare

If you’re like lots of people, you might assume staying healthy is as straightforward as making good lifestyle choices and seeking medical care whenever you don’t feel well. But for many millions of people in the U.S. alone, things, unfortunately, aren’t quite that simple. Social, economic, and environmental factors can all have a major impact […]

Trio of young masked nurses

The Value of Continuing Education for Nurses

Types, Benefits, and State-By-State Requirements From patient-care fundamentals to cultural competence, nurses study a ton of important subjects in nursing school. And while graduating with a BSN is a major milestone for any registered nurse, it’s effectively the foundation of a career-long educational journey. Besides lots of on-the-job learning from their nursing and healthcare colleagues, […]