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12 Tips for PTAs to Manage Stress and Burnout

Empowering Physical Therapist Assistants for a Healthier, More Fulfilling Career Physical Therapy Assistants (PTAs) play a pivotal role in the healthcare system, helping patients recover from injuries, surgeries, and manage chronic conditions. However, the demanding nature of their profession can take a toll on their own well-being, leading to stress and burnout. It’s essential to […]

10 Most Common Physical Therapy Techniques

A Deep Dive into Commonly Used PTA Interventions Physical therapist assistants treat all types of patients for a wide range injuries, illnesses, and chronic health conditions. In collaboration with their supervising physical therapist, PTAs deliver hands-on treatments designed to reduce pain, promote healing, and help patients accomplish their rehabilitation goals. While physical therapy is highly […]

Physical Therapist Assistants and the Aging Population

Treatments, Assessments, Preventive Care, and Challenges Most people’s idea of physical therapy involves healing from an illness or injury. While recovery and rehabilitation are both huge parts of the job for physical therapist assistants, so is proactively helping people maintain good health—especially for the aging population. As people get older, they naturally lose strength, mobility, […]

How to Pass the National Physical Therapy Exam

NPTE Study Guide, Test Prep Strategies, and Exam Details Every day, countless patients put their health in the hands of physical therapist assistants (PTAs), trusting their skills and knowledge for successful rehabilitation. No matter the medical condition being treated, there are numerous risks and considerations to account for in a therapy environment, which is why […]

10 Essential Skills Every Physical Therapist Assistant Should Master

Important PTA Skills from Treatment Techniques to Patient Handling For many physical therapist assistants, an accurate job description could span multiple pages. They’re valued employees with a broad range of responsibilities in physical therapy clinics—both patient-facing and behind-the-scenes. To get results for their patients and achieve success in their careers, PTAs must master a range […]

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The Intersection of Physical Therapy and Mental Health

How They’re Connected & Why Integrated Care Matters Our minds and bodies are inseparably linked—and on a much deeper level than the basic coordination that allows us to push in a chair or practice our favorite hobbies. As researchers continue to learn more about the connection between physical and mental health, it’s become increasingly clear […]