Physical Therapist working with patient holding weights

Job Opportunities for Physical Therapist Assistants

It is important to find a career doing something you find satisfying. While there are many factors to consider when deciding on a career path (like education, salary*, schedule, and work environment), it is equally important to ask yourself whether you will enjoy the day to day responsibilities of your chosen career. If you are like many other individuals who have found themselves entertaining the thought of a career in healthcare because they enjoy aiding others back to health, you might want to consider a career as a physical therapist assistant (PTA).

Appealing Career

Using their knowledge and compassion, PTAs are able to help their patients heal holistically by using exercise, movement and an intricate understanding of the human body. Unlike other healthcare professions, physical therapist assistants have the unique opportunity to create meaningful relationships with their patients through regularly scheduled sessions. Many aspiring medical workers find the direct patient relationship the most appealing aspect of a career in healthcare. Also, because physical therapy assistants spend a considerable amount of time with patients, it is important that they are able to empathize with them. For many, the more direct relationships with patients makes the job that much more rewarding.

On the Rise

A career as a physical therapist assistant isn’t only a rewarding experience on an emotional level but on a financial level as well. The last reported median salary for a PTA was $56,610, which sounds even more appealing considering it is one of the quickest degrees to complete with many students earning their way to the field in just 2 short years! The demand for PTAs is also in good health as it is projected to grow 31 percent by 2026, which is much higher than average. With that steady growth and the staggeringly low unemployment rate at 2.4%, it is no wonder that it is ranked the #4 best healthcare support job.

Ready to Get Started?

Starting on the path to a career as a physical therapy assistant starts in the classroom. PTAs must earn as associates degree from an accredited physical therapy program. While working on your Physical Therapist Assistant Degree, you will learn the required skills needed for you to immediately begin your healthcare career upon graduation. With an average graduation time of just 21 months, you’ll be able to quickly jump into this rewarding and in-demand career. What are you waiting for? Contact Provo College today to get started!