Male Nurse

Why Men Should Consider a Career in Medical Assisting

Medical assisting is quickly becoming one of the most sought after healthcare careers among men. Traditionally thought of as a a “pink collar” job, careers in medical assisting are both rewarding and extremely fulfilling to both genders. If you—or someone you know—are male and interested in learning more about why you should consider a career […]


Types Of Questions You Will Face On The NCLEX

If you are a nursing student—or are entertaining the thought of enrolling in a nursing program—and you haven’t heard of the NCLEX, you should. The NCLEX All nursing-career hopefuls in the United States are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) before they can receive their license as a registered nurse. For many, […]

Healthy Eating

The Importance of Eating Healthy as a Nursing Student

Nursing is one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding jobs. Most nurses work long shifts on consecutive days, spending a lot of time on their feet and moving around the clinic or hospital tending to patients and assisting other medical staff. Some of the more noble nurses even take on the daunting—and much […]


Why Nursing Schools Are Rejecting Applicants During A Nursing Shortage

There has been a nursing shortage for some time now, and it’s not just in Utah! As today’s workforce retires, and with the ever-aging population in need of top quality healthcare, the need for nurses in the United States is projected increase significantly by 2026. Why then are schools turning away thousands of qualified applicants […]


The Fastest Way To Become A Registered Nurse

You’ve done it! You’ve found your calling in a career you actually want to pursue! Nursing isn’t child’s play—it’s a challenging career that requires resilience mentally, emotionally and physically. It is, however, one of the most rewarding careers out there. For some, becoming a nurse has been a long-held dream since childhood. For others, the […]


Why Nurses Make The Best Doctors

Wondering if you settled for a nursing degree? You shouldn’t! There are tons of valid reasons to pursue a nursing degree rather than a medical degree—less tuition and time in school, more hands-on training, and starting your career quicker are just a few of the benefits of pursuing a career in nursing. While you might […]