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The Best Places for Medical Assistants to Work

If you find yourself as a newly graduated, or soon to be graduated, from a medical assisting program, you might be asking yourself “what’s next?” Medical assistants acquire a unique set of skills throughout their schooling that makes them valuable assets to various medical teams. Whether you seek to work as a clinical medical assistance or as a front office manager, you’re bound to find a career that suits your skills and your fancy.

Here are the best places to work in Utah as a newly-graduated medical assistant.


Hospitals can be found in just about every town in America, which makes them an easy go-to option for newly-graduated medical assistants to search for their first job. Hospitals are fast-paced, unpredictable places where you can expect to aid in everything from routine procedures to crisis care. If you thrive in chaotic, ever-changing environments, working as a medical assistant at your local hospital might be the right career for you.

Retirement Communities

Great in-demand jobs for medical assistants can be found in in retirement communities. Residents rely on medical assistants to provide routine care, first aid, basic physiotherapy sessions, and handle any emergencies. If assisting the aging population sounds like the right fit for you, know that medical assistants working in retirement communities need to have special training in geriatrics after graduating.

Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

Working in a psychiatric or behavioral health setting can seem challenging at first, but it is a rewarding career for any medical assistant looking for their place in the medical field. There are a number of different positions where medical assistant can work with patients recovering from addiction or substance abuse, or mental disabilities. If you’re wanting and willing to work in this field, seek out positions in addiction counseling, psychiatric clinics, or intensive treatments.


Working as a medical assistant in a medical lab is an exciting career choice. This position requires training and in collecting and processing lab specimens, either in clinics or hospitals. Research universities everywhere also look to hire medical assistants to help support their scientists in lab work in medical research and development.

Primary Care Facilities

Working in a primary care facility is easily the most common jobs for a medical assistant. Primary care facilities hire medical assistants to support doctors and nurses with various clinical and administrative tasks. Wherever there is a doctor, there is almost always a need for medical assistant, so keep your eyes peeled for these prime opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for a position in a chaotic hospital or a retirement community, there are tons of career opportunities for newly-graduated medical assistants. If you’re ready to start your rewarding and exciting career as a medical assistant, check out the medical assisting program at Provo College.