Provo College Looks at the Difference Between CNAs and Medical Assistants

The Difference Between CNAs and Medical Assistants

Within the world of healthcare, there is a vast array of distinct careers to choose from, including nursing, Medical Assisting, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and certified nursing assisting. While there is some overlap in the tasks required of these healthcare careers, each is distinct and has a different set of educational requirements, job tasks, and […]

Nurse Narrowly Escapes Fire, Returns To Save Patients

Nurse Narrowly Escapes Fire, Returns To Save Patients

Nurse Nichole Jolly is lucky to be alive, and her story reads more like something you’d see on the big screen than something that could happen in real life. She’s being called a hero, and for good reason—as she faced down a raging wild fire twice in the line of duty. Nurse Jolly was working […]

Am I Smart Enough To Be A Nurse?

Am I Smart Enough To Be A Nurse?

A quick Google search of the question “am I smart enough to be a nurse” turns up a surprising amount of verbatim results, which means that a lot of people who are interested in a career in nursing are asking themselves this question. And that means that a lot of potential nurses are talking themselves […]

Hand holding heart shaped ball and stethoscope

The Best Places for Medical Assistants to Work

If you find yourself as a newly graduated, or soon to be graduated, from a medical assisting program, you might be asking yourself “what’s next?” Medical assistants acquire a unique set of skills throughout their schooling that makes them valuable assets to various medical teams. Whether you seek to work as a clinical medical assistance […]

Physical Therapist working with patient holding weights

Job Opportunities for Physical Therapist Assistants

It is important to find a career doing something you find satisfying. While there are many factors to consider when deciding on a career path (like education, salary, schedule, and work environment), it is equally important to ask yourself whether you will enjoy the day to day responsibilities of your chosen career. If you are […]