How Long Is Medical Assistant School

How Long Is Medical Assistant School

Medical Assisting is usually seen as a rewarding career in healthcare. In order to fill this vital role, Medical Assistants support doctors, interact with patients, and complete numerous tasks. Their efforts allow doctors to see more people, and they provide compassion and comfort to their patients.

You may not know that there are several benefits to Medical Assisting. Not only do they help others, but they gain exposure to various specialties, they maintain a certain degree of job security,1 and they often have the freedom to entertain a nontraditional work schedule.

Additionally, Medical Assisting might be ideal for those that cannot spend years in school. You’ve probably wondered, “Just how long is Medical Assistant school?” The answer is dependent on the type of education you’d like to receive. For instance, two common routes are an associate’s degree or a diploma program.

Option 1: An Associate’s Degree

According to a blog post by All Allied Health Schools, you can typically earn a Medical Assistant degree from a four-year college or a community college. These degree programs often take 18 to 24 months to complete. In their blog post, All Allied Health Schools offers a quick overview for what these programs might entail:

“In addition to healthcare classes, an associate’s degree program will include general education courses which will help strengthen your writing and math skills. They also provide you with a more well-rounded perspective.”

Option 2: A Diploma Program

As previously stated, a diploma program might be the better choice if you don’t want to spend years in school. Unlike a degree program, your coursework will not usually include general education classes. Instead, the programs tend to focus on Medical Assistant tasks. This is one reason why diploma programs often take less time to complete. For instance, Provo College offers Medical Assistant training that can be completed in as little as 10 months!

All Allied Health Schools surmised the following about diploma/certificate programs:

A medical assistant certificate, which is offered at career colleges, will include many of the same courses as an associate’s degree program. You can expect to learn about medical terminology, office management, and medical law and ethics.”

More About Provo College

The Eagle Gate College Group is known for giving power to students and associates by teaching cutting-edge, competency-based education, and leadership and personal effectiveness skills to have the career and life they desire. At Provo College, caring professionals empower individuals to achieve personal excellence through student-centered, market-driven education.

Ultimately, Provo seeks to prepare their students for entry-level employment as Medical Assistants. They also strive to be accessible and inclusive, and they are eager to help others realize their dreams.

Why Medical Assisting as a Career

While some choose Medical Assisting as a lifelong career, others use it to gain invaluable experience and help them enter other careers. Even though individual goals may differ, Medical Assistants provide a vital service and ultimately better the community around them.

For more information about Provo’s Medical Assistant program, please don’t hesitate to contact one of their school representatives at (801) 818-8901.

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