Eight Nurses, Eight Babies, One Hospital Ward

Eight Nurses, Eight Babies, One Hospital Ward

“What’s in the water in Maryland?” has been a popular question ever since the story broke—28 staff members at a single hospital pregnant at the same time, eight of whom are nurses in the same obstetrics floor. And the eight nurses weren’t just pregnant at the same time, they were due at the same time.

“We did not know we were all going to try to get pregnant at the same time, so to have this many people announce they were pregnant was shocking,” says Nurse Michele Embick (due in December).“It was especially shocking knowing we are this small community hospital in Illinois with eight people pregnant. After the initial shock, it has all turned to excitement.”

“It’s very exciting!” Ashley Bruns, due October 25, adds. “I never imagined there would be so many of us sharing such a fun time in our lives.”

And the excitement didn’t stay within the hospital walls. After the hospital posted a photo of the nurses (seven pictured here, the eighth was unable to be there), the story quickly went viral.

“We all get to share in the crazy, gross, and fun parts of pregnancy,” explains Sarah Grotefendt, due November 5. “We laugh about things normal people don’t talk about, because as nurses we share A LOT of information with each other! But what’s even better is knowing I will be delivering my baby where I work with several coworkers standing by my side during one of the best moments I will ever experience.”

As an additional element to the team bonding, not only would the nurses be delivering around the same time, many of them would be delivering each other’s babies.

“Yeah, it’s really exciting,” Rebecca Eggering said in reference to a fellow co-worker. “I’ve delivered both of her other kids! We’re due five days apart, so we’re hoping that continues and I can do the third one, too.”

Fast forward to 2019, and the story continues to win hearts.

Of the eight nurses, each one delivered successfully and took home a healthy baby. And this past week, the women gathered once again to add a chapter to their iconic photos. Following the tradition of the first photo posted, the hospital shared another photo of the nurses, this time holding their new arrivals.

“The Elite 8 are here and ready to rule the world!!!!!!!!” the hospital’s social media account posted. “Meet Anna, Reese, Logan, Holden, Daniel, Charlotte, and Charlotte…..(#3, Jewel, is not pictured) Welcome to the world, little ones! We LOVE YOU!!!”

Not only is the story touching, but it’s another example of just how deep the roots of a nurse’s work family can go. Co-workers in scrubs quickly become brothers and sisters in scrubs. Caring for patients side by side evolves into caring for the staff by your side as well. And sometimes, in stories such as this, the fellow nurses who play such a big role in your work day play even bigger roles in your life.

“I, for sure, will be returning to work after this baby arrives,” Nurse Embick says. “To be able to come back to a job I am so passionate about … alongside my work family who is just as passionate about our work as I am, makes that transition a little easier.”

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