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Graduate Success Stories

Jodie – Web Design and Animation

After 22 years in the printing industry, Jodie found herself in need of a new career. She turned to Provo College for the education and assistance she needed to become a Web Designer and Coder. .
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Allisan – Web Design and Animation

Allisan was a talented artist who wanted more than to stay at home. Her didication brought her to Provo College and pushed her to open her own Web Design firm.
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Laura – Dental Assisting

After seven years in customer service, Laura wanted more for herself and for her family. Her degree in Dental Assisting from Provo College gave her just that.
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Russ – Personal Fitness Training

Russ wanted to be a Personal Fitness Trainer so that he could help other people change their lives. With the help of Provo College, he found a career as a Personal Trainer at a popular gym.
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Ronnie- Licensed Massage Therapist

Ronnie was restless and couldn’t settle on a career… until he found Massage Therapy at Provo College.
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