Provo College
  • Student Disclosure Form

  • The purpose of the form is to review certain facts described during the admissions process to prevent misunderstanding by our students. Please read the following information regarding your education process and type your initials at the end of each paragraph to indicate your understanding of and agreement to each item. When you have finished reading the entire form, please sign your name in the space provided at the bottom.

  • TRANSFERABILITY OF CREDIT: As with any accredited college, the transferability of credits to another institution is determined exclusively by the receiving institution. I have not been guaranteed that my credits will be transferable.
  • PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: The College will offer assistance in job placement; however it cannot guarantee employment. I have not been guaranteed employment.
  • PLACEMENT STATISTICS: The College's placement statistics help identify the nature and availability of jobs in the marketplace. However, the College has not guaranteed that I will earn a specific salary range upon graduation.
  • HOUSING AND JOBS WHILE ATTENDING COLLEGE: Although employment from local businesses and housing in the immediate area of the College may be available, the College has not guaranteed me employment or housing.
  • FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE: As with any accredited college, student loans and/or grants are made available depending upon the financial information provided by the applicant. The College has not guaranteed that I will receive a loan or grant. If I receive a loan, I understand that I will be responsible for repaying the loan.
  • CURRICULUM: As career-training programs are modified and updated to meet the needs of the student and community, the College may need, and has the right, to change course curricula, schedules, prerequisites, and requirements, or cancel a course or program for which there is insufficient enrollment. The College has not told me that the courses I am taking will not be changed or modified while I am attending the College.
  • COLLEGE CATALOG: I also understand that the College's Catalog contains accurate course descriptions and other terms and conditions regarding my education. I have received a College Catalog, and before beginning class, I will read the catalog and agree to abide by its contents.
  • DIPLOMA: The College's Catalog outlines the type of graduation confirmation I will receive upon successful completion of my studies. The College has not stated that I will receive confirmation of graduation different from that described in the College Catalog.
  • ATTENDANCE: The College strongly encourages daily attendance as an important part of your training program. Students failing to maintain satisfactory attendance requirements for their courses are subject to administrative actions which may include probation, suspension from school, or denial of graduation. The attendance policy is contained in the College Catalog.
  • ACCREDITATION AND LICENSURE: The College's Catalog lists the accrediting and licensing agencies that have recognized the College and/or individual programs. The College has not stated any other accreditation or licensures beyond those listed. The College does not imply, promise, or guarantee that it will maintain its affiliations with any accreditation agency for the duration of a student's enrollment and expressly reserves the right to terminate any such affiliation.
  • By signing my name in the space provided below, I verify that I have read, fully understand, and agree with the statements contained in this disclosure form.

  • Signature of College Official: ________________________________________________