Provo College
  • Background Check Authorization

  • A student who is entering a career program should be aware that future employers may elect or be required to do background investigations on prospective employees to determine if any criminal records exist. This most frequently occurs when a prospective employee will be involved in “direct contact services” with clients or residents. Many employers have hiring requirements that prohibit any person convicted of a felony from being employed in clinical settings. Therefore, Eagle Gate College and Provo College may not accept a student with a disclosed felony conviction for enrollment. Additionally, enrollment for students may not be granted for many programs where the background check identifies a conviction, pending case or deferral for certain misdemeanor crimes.

    A student’s inability to obtain criminal background clearance at any time throughout their enrollment may prohibit externship or clinical site placement, program completion or placement after graduation.

    I have read the above statement and declare that I have no reason to believe that a criminal background check will preclude me from participation. However, I understand that if I fail the background check, I may not be able to complete my program of study, may be withdrawn from the college, or may be required to select another educational program.

  • If applicant is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian signature is required.