Our mission at Provo College is to help students pursue rewarding careers by equipping them with the highest-quality education and training. We offer a range of high-caliber, career-specific degree and diploma programs that are focused on imparting the skills needed to be successful in some of the hottest careers in the market right now. Many of our degree and diploma programs have been developed in collaboration with industry professionals in Provo, Utah and reflect a high amount of real-world and hands-on experience. Students learn through regular classroom experience and through internships at top-notch firms in the region.

Provo College’s competency-based curriculum features in-demand healthcare career programs in areas such as Medical Assisting, Nursing, and Physical Therapist Assisting. Students who take a degree program or a diploma program in any of these disciplines can choose from a range of flexible course schedules designed to meet their specific requirements and schedules. Graduation times for the courses vary depending on the program, with some programs requiring just nine months while others require up to 24 months. Provo College offers programs for those seeking to get into the workforce quicker.


  • Associate in Medical Assisting
  • Medical Assisting – Diploma
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • RN-BSN (For current RN’s)
  • Associate in Physical Therapist Assistant