1. IRS Federal Income Tax Return
    If required, complete your income tax returns in order to apply for Federal Student Aid. You will utilize the IRS Form 1040 and W2s from two years prior in order to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  2. FAFSA on the Web
    Complete your FAFSA by visiting the US Department of Education website. The federal school code for Provo College is 016775. Spouse or Parent information may be required as determined by your student eligibility. The FAFSA will be used by Provo College to determine what types of aid you may be eligible to receive. Once submitted, Provo College will receive a copy of your Student Aid Report.
  3. User ID and Password Application and Instructions
    Complete the Student/Parent Application to e-sign your FAFSA.
  4. Entrance Loan Counseling and Instructions
    Complete Stafford Entrance Loan Counseling by visiting the Student Loan Counseling Interview. Once submitted, the College will receive a copy of your Entrance Loan Counseling Confirmation.
  5. College Application Forms
    Complete the required Financial Services Application Forms.
  6. Career Loan Application
    Wait until your eligibility to receive Federal Student Aid has been determined before applying for a Career Loan. If you require additional financing, you may choose to apply for a credit-based private loan. Please note that the College does not maintain a preferred lender list.
  7. Verification Worksheet
    The US Department of Education randomly selects applications in a process called Verification. Students and spouses or parents will be notified if you need to complete the appropriate verification worksheets and submit additional documentation.