Nurses Needed

Utah Nurses in Demand

There’s a growing job marketing in the Wasatch Front that might peak your interest — nursing! Throughout the state of Utah, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are embracing for a fast-approaching shortage of healthcare professionals in the job market. The reasons might surprise you, and the way you can help solve this shortage may inspire you into a new career in nursing.


It is estimated that roughly one-third of the nursing workforce is planning to retire within the next five to ten years, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Where does Utah rank in this nation-wide nursing demand? Utah is ranked third in the country in terms of severity of nursing shortage. This is because Utah nurses are aging, with roughly 48% of the workforce currently over the age of 45. That, along with Utah’s aging population, is predicted to that wages and salaries for healthcare jobs will increase by approximately 27% by 2022, which is considerably faster than the national average.


With a shortage of nurses in the field comes new job opportunities for eager students and career seekers. Currently, Utah’s health care employers report over 1,200 vacancies for RN positions — that’s a lot of seats to fill! In response to this shortage, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities are hiring newly graduated nurses and even offering on-the-job training to satisfy their needs more quickly.

Additionally, healthcare facilities are also starting to implement nurse-patient ratio staffing to help aid in the demand for nurses in the near future. Having an appropriate amount of nurses to aid in the recovery of an ever-growing and ever-aging population improves mortality rates and overall patient recovery. This growing demand makes now an ideal time to start your healthcare career.


How can you hop on the healthcare gravy-train? Provo College offers programs in medical assisting and nursing, with many students graduating in as little as 16 months. And with the annual income for a registered nurse in Utah at around $67,000 per year, you’ll earn back the cost of tuition—and then some!—within your first few years in your promising career.

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