Provo College Looks at the Difference Between CNAs and Medical Assistants

The Difference Between CNAs and Medical Assistants

Within the world of healthcare, there is a vast array of distinct careers to choose from, including nursing, Medical Assisting, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and certified nursing assisting. While there is some overlap in the tasks required of these healthcare careers, each is distinct and has a different set of educational requirements, job tasks, and […]

Provo College Looks at Medical Assistant Program Costs

Medical Assistant Program Cost

Medical Assisting is one of the fastest growing careers within healthcare.1 Allowing professionals to work with nothing more than a high school diploma, Medical Assisting is especially appealing for individuals looking to enter the workforce within the next few years. While it’s sometimes not required, attending a formal Medical Assistant program will likely increase your […]

Provo College Looks at the Daily Tasks and Duties of an MA Working in a Hospital: Part 2

Daily Tasks and Duties of an MA Working in a Hospital, Part 2

Medical Assisting stands apart from other healthcare professions in that a formal training program can typically be completed in a year or less. Additionally, the profession allows for a high level of patient interaction. Physician assistants, advanced nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and physicians must undergo years of schooling in order to practice. How does […]

Provo College Looks at the Daily Tasks and Duties of an MA Working in a Hospital: Part 1

Daily Tasks and Duties of an MA Working in a Hospital, Part 1

Medical Assisting is often a great fit for people who are service-oriented and enjoy work that provides plenty of variety on the job. Because this profession involves so much variety, it’s no surprise that there isn’t one typical day for a Medical Assistant. Between the administrative duties and the clinical patient interaction, Medical Assistants usually […]

Male Nurse

Why Men Should Consider a Career in Medical Assisting

Medical assisting is quickly becoming one of the most sought after healthcare careers among men. Traditionally thought of as a a “pink collar” job, careers in medical assisting are both rewarding and extremely fulfilling to both genders. If you—or someone you know—are male and interested in learning more about why you should consider a career […]

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The Best Places for Medical Assistants to Work

If you find yourself as a newly graduated, or soon to be graduated, from a medical assisting program, you might be asking yourself “what’s next?” Medical assistants acquire a unique set of skills throughout their schooling that makes them valuable assets to various medical teams. Whether you seek to work as a clinical medical assistance […]