Eagle Gate College Group Looks at Medical Assistant Schools Near Me

Medical Assistant Schools

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue Medical Assisting, your next dilemma will be picking the program that’s right for you! If you’ve ever searched for the phrase “Medical Assistant schools near me,” you know how difficult this choice can often be. So, how do you find the school that’s ideal for you? Finding the […]

What Is the Next Level After Medical Assistant?

What Is the Next Level After Medical Assistant?

Now that you’ve become a Medical Assistant, you might be wondering: What is the next level after Medical Assistant? The answer is very circumstantial, as it depends on the individual, their goals, and their needs. More often than not, though, Medical Assisting can serve as a lifelong career or a great jumping off point for […]

Eagle Gate College Group Reports on Healthy Snacks for Medical Assistants

Healthy Snacks for Medical Assistants

Have you been searching for Medical Assistant schools? Not only do we have a stellar Medical Assistant program to recommend, but we also have a list of healthy snacks to help keep your energy up and pass your future classes! After all, food is more important than you may realize. It’s not just fun to […]

How Long Is Medical Assistant School

How Long Is Medical Assistant School

Medical Assisting is usually seen as a rewarding career in healthcare. In order to fill this vital role, Medical Assistants support doctors, interact with patients, and complete numerous tasks. Their efforts allow doctors to see more people, and they provide compassion and comfort to their patients. You may not know that there are several benefits […]

Provo College and Medical Assistant Training

Qualifications of a Medical Assistant

As a school that offers a Medical Assistant program, we’re always on the lookout for new or frequently asked questions. Lately, we’ve seen this one quite a few times: “Can you work as a Medical Assistant without being qualified?” Before we tackle that question, let’s start with the role of a Medical Assistant and what […]

Provo College Looks at the Question: What Hours Do Medical Assistants Work?

What Hours Do Medical Assistants Work?

Provo CollegeTo succeed as a Medical Assistant, one must possess strong organizational skills, an interest in healthcare, and a genuine love for people from all walks of life. A Medical Assistant’s day can be fast-paced and varied, which is great for those who crave stimulation. This occupation may also be a good fit for those […]